About Us

Our Approach to a Search Assignment

Position Research

Finding the best candidate requires that we have a thorough understanding of what our client seeks. We strive to understand the history, mission, goals, successes, and needs of the organization. While position descriptions, websites, job postings, and other materials are helpful, the greatest benefit is gained by setting specific time aside to discuss the fine points of the organization and opportunity, and the candidate that should fill it.

The Search Process and Our Commitment

We devote our best effort to a search’s successful conclusion. Our approach will encompass the following:

Targeted Search: The majority of our effort will be in sourcing, contacting, and screening qualified individuals currently working for other organizations that are most likely to employ the type of individual our client seeks. We access these individuals through both direct recruitment (where we know this is an individual we want to pursue) and indirect recruitment (where we gather names and seek referrals of candidates who may be qualified.) This approach normally involves a recruiting plan of 150-300 organizations. Targeted search provides us with the highest probability of finding a highly qualified candidate.

Associations/Societies: Concurrent with the targeted search, we access specific national and/or regional “industry-specific” associations and societies to draw in additional candidates.

Database: We maintain and continually expand our databases of Nonprofit professionals for all major metro regions of the country. When we get a search assignment, we notify all the professionals in the selected regional database, resulting in direct interest, referral of candidates, and the opportunity to further expand the database. Additionally, we have an extensive database of candidates that has been built from earlier searches, both within our office as well as across our Management Recruiters International network.

Candidate Referral & Placement

Once we have identified qualified candidates, we will coordinate/facilitate (to the degree desired) the process, from interview arrangements through their first day in the position. This may involve more extensive reference and background checks, psychological profiles, travel and meeting arrangements, salary surveys, relocation/cost of living services (if needed), and brokering of the offer. Clients may request our assistance on all or a portion of the above.

Our Business Philosophy:

  • Exceed our client’s expectations in the placement of quality professionals
  • Understand the culture, goals and specific criteria our clients have established, so as to provide a better foundation for a successful placement
  • Be viewed as a valued partner by our clients
  • Always operate in an ethical and professional manner
  • Generate repeat business and referrals
  • Create an enjoyable and supportive team work environment

Contact our executive search firm to learn more about our value and our mission. We are proud to serve employers and candidates nationwide.