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Nicole Hochberg, Executive Vice President
845-227-3161 Ext. 201

With a 16-year career in business administration and management, I thoroughly understand the skills necessary for success. Having earned a B.S. in Organizational Leadership from Marist College, I have extensive training in leadership, communications & marketing. Additionally, I enjoy public speaking, networking and research.

It is extremely fulfilling to use my experience and education to aid the non-profit clients of Management Recruiters- Mid Hudson Valley. I am an active volunteer in the local community, with a passion for helping others. By carefully selecting the best candidates for each unique position, my ultimate goal is to ensure an outcome that is beneficial for all parties. Beyond exploring a candidate’s employment history, experience, and education, it is critical that there is alignment between the mission & values of an organization and those of the candidate.

At Management Recruiters, we are selective, passionate, and driven to ensure a successful outcome for those that we work with and for.

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