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3 Things Nonprofits Look for in Potential Employees

The nonprofit job search can be tricky. Being a passionate person by nature, you are probably often spending hours trying to find the nonprofit job searchright organization to build your career, diligently scanning job boards and networking sites for the right fit.  However, there are some things that most nonprofits have in common when looking for a candidate to fill a position within their team. Here are just a few of the things that they look for when searching for an applicant.

Where you have worked/volunteered – One of the most frequent things that a nonprofit looks at when seeking a new hire for their organization is where they have worked and also where they have volunteered their time recently. Showing that you have dedicated your time to a cause that is near to your heart shows that you have compassion, drive, and willingness to make the world a better place.

You are a good communicator – Regardless of what position you hold in a nonprofit, having excellent communication and persuasion skills is something that you need to possess. Nonprofit employers will look for examples in your resumes of where these skills are put to the test, so make sure you are fine-tuning your communications in every way applying.

Excellent writing skills – One of the biggest parts of working for an NPO is writing. Whether you are grant writing or crafting a social media post to put out to your organization’s donors, having impeccable writing skills is something that nonprofit employers look for in potential candidates.

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