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What Nonprofits Look For on Your Resume

Just like any other industry, the nonprofit sector looks for specific things on candidates’ resumes that prove they are a good fit for their executive search firms for nonprofit organizationsorganization. From the way you word your experience to what you do in your free time, nonprofits are paying attention to specific things on your resume. Here are few that we think are important:

They want to know you have done your research – One of the biggest things that nonprofit organizations look for in a potential candidate’s resume in what research they have done into the organization’s mission, goals, and cause. Spend some time before sprucing up your resume and cover letter on reading press releases, watching videos, and navigating the organization’s website.

Talk about your volunteer experience – Another critical thing that nonprofits look for in a candidate’s resume is their volunteer experience. Since many nonprofit organizations are rooted in helping the community around them, they want to know that a potential employee has experience doing just that. Feel free to talk about the volunteering you have done, for what organizations, and what it meant to you.

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Benefits of Working for a Nonprofit

If you are someone who has worked in a nonprofit organization before, you know that there are many incredible benefits of being an benefits of working in a nonprofitemployee within one – both professionally and personally. If you have not worked within the nonprofit sector but are interested in doing so, we are here to tell you that there are plenty of reasons to work for one. Here are just a few benefits of working for a nonprofit organization.

Knowing you are doing something good – One of the best things about working for a nonprofit organization is going to work each day knowing that you are working towards a cause. Many people who currently work for a nonprofit say that their favorite thing about going to work is the fact that they are working towards a goal or cause that will affect someone else’s life positively.

You will get a lot of great experience – Since nonprofit organizations operate slightly different than corporate ones, your day-to-day tasks may be all over the map. From grant writing to campaigning on social media, you will get the experience of many jobs in one work week. This will not only make you a well-versed employee but also a well-rounded person, too.

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