Myths About Working in the Nonprofit Sector – Part 1

When it comes to working for a nonprofit, there are many misconceptions out there regarding what exactly the job entails. From people nonprofit recruitment agenciesthinking that all employees of a nonprofit work for free to thinking that working for one is just like volunteering, there are plenty of myths about working in the nonprofit sector. Here are just a few common misjudgments about working for a nonprofit organization.

Myth: “No one gets paid.”

Reality: Unfortunately, this is a frequent misunderstanding regarding nonprofit work, but is not right by any means. When you are working for an organization that is considered “nonprofit,” it is merely a tax phrase used to describe it. Employees in a nonprofit do get paid a salary and anything that the organization claims as revenue goes back into their programs.

Myth: “Working for a nonprofit is not a ‘professional’ type of job.”

Reality: Many people believe that working for a nonprofit organization will be less corporate than working for a for-profit company. While there are most likely many nonprofits that fit this type of working environment, that is not always the case. Many organizations in the nonprofit sector function almost exactly like the typical, corporate company and require driven and fast-paced employees who can pivot as they exist in a Fortune 500 business.

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