Service Fee

Partner with Management Recruiters – Mid Hudson Valley to determine the most qualified candidate for your open position. We offer four options around which our service fee can be structured. Our fees are based upon the individual’s first year’s compensation, including anticipated bonuses and financial incentives. The three different search process styles are as follows.

Retained Search

For a retained search, we are hired exclusively to conduct the search and place a qualified candidate. Typically, the retained search fee would be paid in three installments: the first at the initiation of the assignment and the others based upon a mutually agreeable schedule. This is an attractive arrangement for both parties because, in return for guaranteed business, we can lower our fee—but not the quality of our services!


An engaged search involves a non-refundable up-front payment, typically equal to one fifth the total anticipated fee. We would not enjoy exclusivity under this scenario and the remainder of the engagement search fee would be payable only if our candidate is hired.


Under this approach, our client is under no obligation to pay us the contingency search fee unless they hire a candidate presented by us. Employers may prefer this when they wish to utilize their own efforts in the search campaign.

Our contributions to our clients are in taking the extra steps needed to ensure the “right” individuals are identified and presented to them. We will not allow unsuitable candidates to waste our client’s time, nor will we allow our candidates to be considered for positions that do not match their goals, qualifications, and aspirations. The individuals we present will have exhibited success, will be results-oriented, self-motivated, and will be effective in leadership roles.


Occasionally a client wishes to lock in a fee, so they know exactly what their expense will be. In these cases, we are happy to negotiate a fixed service fee.

Contact us if you have any questions about our various search approaches and their associated service fees. We are proud to serve employers and candidates nationwide.