Various Roles You Could Hold in a Nonprofit

nonprofit recruitersWhether you are interested in learning more about working for a nonprofit or are struggling to see yourself as an employee of one, we have good news: there are a variety of things you can do in a nonprofit organization. Here are a few that are often not heard of as much and what kind of duties you would be responsible for in each of these job titles.

Grant writer – Do you like to write? Are you good at conveying emotion, and are highly articulate in detailing what you need and how you need it? Grant writing might be for you! While it is not the right job title for everyone in an organization, grant writers are valuable pieces in the nonprofit puzzle.

Fundraising coordinator – If there is one position that is overlooked when people are looking for roles within a nonprofit, it is fundraising coordinator. The fundraising coordinator of an association oversees the various events and programs that generate money for the nonprofit’s mission and works with other parts of the organization to find resources for their projects.

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